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The series is already available on Playz.

More than 300 people came to premiere of Lavinia Audiovisual's 'Boca Norte'. The Verdi Cinema in Barcelona filled up with people who enjoyed four out of the six episode of the series, which is already fully available on RTVE's online platform Playz. Team & cast attended the premiere, including its protagonists David Solans (‘Merlí’, ‘El punto frío’), Guillermo Campra (‘Águila Roja’, ‘Bajo la red’) & Júlia Creus (‘Merlí’), among other. There were fans who came to support the actors as well as many familiar faces of show business, such as the Operación Triunfo contestants Alfred Garcia, Carlos Right, Joan Garrido & Miki Núñez, who has been recently chosen as Spain's 2019 Eurovision entry.

The series, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Lavinia Audiovisual for Playz, is already available online. It has been directed by Dani de la Orden (‘Barcelona, nit d’estiu’, ‘El mejor verano de mi vida’, ‘Élite’) & Elena Trapé (‘Blog’ y ‘Las distancias’, awarded best film at Malaga's Film Festival) with an original idea by Eva Mor.

After 791 shows & 1.696 recipes.

Lavinia Audiovisual's cooking show for RTVE's La 1 reaches its end next March and alongside with it, its shootings in our Pujades' stage after 260 shooting days for a total of 791 shows and 400 hours of broadcasting during which a total of 1.696 recipes have been cooked.

It's a total of three years and a half on air, filling daily TVE's La 1's noontime slot with a solid loyal audience who has accompanied the show during its broadcasting journey, which resulted in top share numbers of 11,8%.

A show by Lavinia Audiovisual for TV3

Tv3's new show produced by Lavinia Audiovisual has already a premiere date: March 3rd. Journalist Jordi Basté will be the show's presenter and he's travelled to cities all around the world like Tokyo, San Francisco, Manchester or Paris in order to find out how technology, globalization and climate change affect our day-to-day life. The team has been working really hard for weeks now at Lavinia's HQ on Pujades St. and it's about time you get to meet them.

In the picture (on their feet from left to right): Gemma Campderrós (production assistant), Juanlu Montoro (content editor), Txus Carretero (production assistant), Elena Parreño (content editor), Loli Sevillano (production manager), Ana García (postproduction coordinator),  Roger Llorens (graphic designer), Xavi Bergés (editor). At the bottom: Anna Pérez (content editor), Núria Font (content editor), Toni Noguera (content editor & social networks), Rosa Olucha (director), Uri Garcia (assistant director), de Yzaguirre (editor) y Adriana Sabata (guests coordinator). On the tablet's screen, Àlex Solà (content coordinator).

The rest of the team, despite not appearing in the picture, is formed by three people from Grupo Lavinia's Content Area: Rubén Mayoral, who will be the Executive Director of the show, Jordi Ferrerons, who will serve as the Executive Producer, and Cristina Vicente, who will also be a content coordinator. Production and photography will be carried out by Andalu Vila-San-Juan and Pep Bras will also be part of the content area.

A webseries produced for Playz by Lavinia Audiovisual

The time has come. ‘Boca Norte‘ will premiere soon and it will do so with no lack of luxuries in one of Barcelona's iconic screen rooms, the Verdi Cinema. It will take place next Wednesday 23rd of January at 20:00. All its protagonists will be there: Begoña Vargas (‘La otra mirada’), David Solans (‘Merlí’, ‘El punto frío’), Guillermo Campra (‘Águila Roja’, ‘Bajo la red’) & Júlia Creus (‘Merlí’), among others.

This webseries produced for Playz by Lavinia Audiovisual has been directed by Dani de la Orden (‘Barcelona, nit d’estiu’, ‘El mejor verano de mi vida’, ‘Élite’) & Elena Trapé (‘Blog’ y ‘Las distancias’, awarded 'Best Film' at Malaga's Film Festival) with an original idea by Eva Mor.

If you'd like to attend the premiere, there will be invitation tickets available at Barcelona's site of Spain's National Radio, in 127 Roc Boronat St on January 22nd from 10 to 14h and from 16 to 19h. In addition, you'll also be able to pick them up on January 23rd (same day as the premiere) from 10h to 14h.

The show will keep airing until next March and it is still being recorded at Lavinia's studio. 

'Torres en la cocina', the show produced by Lavinia Audiovisual says goodbye to TVE. Both chefs have made it public in an emotional note in which they assure that "for more than 3 years, through our show, we've shared unforgettable moments, great recipes and our «Torres Touch»”.

"After a crazy year", in which they've opened two restaurants, ALAS, at Barcelona's airport, and their most personal project, 'Cocina Hermanos Torres', with two Michelin star with just four months of life, "we feel it's time to take a break", they say.

"We need to focus in our gastronomic projects outside the TV world. «Torres en la cocina» has been an ongoing learning experience for us and a wonderful experience that we will never forget. We are really grateful to Lavinia & TVE for believing in us & for providing us with such a wonderful easygoing team". "It's not a goodbye to the media industry, it's a see you soon", they say.

This adds up to the honours already achieved by their first culinary business "Dos Cielos Barcelona".

Last Wednesday, the gala during which the Torres brothers ratified both their Michelin stars took place in Lisbon. They achieved it with their brand new restaurant “Cocina Hermanos Torres”.

Alongside this gastronomic honour, the Torres brothers are enjoying the success of their latest editorial adventure. Under the title "Torres en la cocina. Tradición con toques Torres" (Torres in the kitchen. Tradition with a Torres touch), the twins aim to share the 1.500 recipes cooked on the more than 700 episodes of “Torres en la Cocina”, the show produced for TVE (Televisión Española) by Lavinia Audiovisual for three years and a half now.

This is Sergio & Javier's third book and they aim to revisit traditional recipes and add their famous cooking touch in order to transform them into an innovative and different experience.

“We don't look at cooking as a repetition of stablished elements but more as a dialogue between tradition & state-of-art”.

Unique, affordable and easy dishes made with market products such as vegetables, meat and fish. Starters, popular recipes, pizzas and even sandwiches take the spotlight in the book, showing the roguest side of the chefs.

“The Torres touch is a constant element in our cuisine. Different, creative, surprising... the touch plays with the concepts, the foundations and the ingredients in order to enlight the gastronomic experience. We add fresh air and personality to the classic recipes.

Lavinia Audiovisual has provided the production company with a new achievement.

The Academy of Televisions Arts & Sciences has awarded the Best Spanish Show produced for a Thematic Broadcaster to ‘Alaska & Mario’, Viacom's docu-reality in which Lavinia Audiovisual is in charge of production.

The show's executive director and Lavinia Audiovisual's Contents & New Business Chief, Rubén Mayoral, and the director's show, Rosa Olucha, were the ones who accepted the award during the event that took place on October 23rd at Madrid's "La Ciudad de la Imagen" (Image's City). The show was picked among the more than 450 candidates submitted by production companies, TV broadcasters & different members of the Academy.

For its fifth season, the crazy reality show has digged into the roots of the iconic couple under the name "Alaska & Mario. El huracán mexicano" (Alaska & Mario. The mexican hurricane). This season, the protagonists travelled to their origins, from Mario's genuine "Vicálvaro"to Alaska's colourful Mexico, where, as usual, touching and fun adventures.

A 40-minute episode format structured in an eight-episode season that has managed to increase its audience on Sunday night alongside its development. An endless list of unforseen events that manages to seduce the audience, making them enjoy onw of the most innovative formats of our current television.

It's been announced that they'll receive one of the Sakata Awards and also, they'll be appointed as Cava Ambassadors.

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, today the Torres brothers can celebrate.

Regarding their inauguration as new Ambassadors, the ceremony will take place tomorrow on October 6th, in the context of the 37th Cava Week in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.

On another note, one of the recently created Sakata Awards will be awarded to our Torres brothers. The awarding ceremony will be headed by the chef Berasategui and it'll take place at the Fruit Attraction stand in Madrid. The jury has decided to award the Flavour-Bimi Award for their passion for gastronomy as well as for their contribution to the dissemination of the oriental vegetable Bimi into cuisine.

In TV3's new show, the journalist will break down how technology, globalisation & climate change have drastically changed our habits & practices.

Throughout 13 episodes, Jordi Basté aims to explain to the audience how the world we live in has transformed and which factors make these changes happen even faster as time goes by.

An original idea by Lavinia Audiovisual that will show the audience a scanned picture of our busy everyday life. Are we aware that every minute 156 million emails are sent and 243.000 photos are uploaded to Facebook?

Alongside Jordi Basté, a group of experts will address each week a series of topics such as transport, medicine, housing, sports or diet in order to find out and test first-hand the 21st century new innovations.

The show is produced by Lavinia Audiovisual for Paramount Network, Comedy Central and MTV.

As we have already announced, on June 10th, we will air Alaska & Mario's new season. On Thursday the 7th of June, it was launched this new season, and its main characters gave us some hints about the show: "We want to entertain, we are not culture's secretaries of state ", says Mario, who also tells us: "I am so confident on what I do, that I don't need to supervise it. I don't watch the show". Alaska adds that "the show is our daily life, but we searched for a conductive thread, so as not to tell just anecdotes".

On the new episodes, we will continue to see familiar faces, such as Rossy de Palma, Pedro Almodóvar, Loles León, Fabio McNamara, Lolita Flores, Rosario Flores, Elena Furiase and Javier Calvo. Mario is also happy that the late “Bimba Bosé and David Delfín remain present”. "We are very emotional, both Bimba and David are no longer with us. We are emotional, not only because we are going back to Mexico, but also for the loss of our loved ones" Alaska said.

On the picture, the main characters with Rosa Olucha, show director, and Rubén Mayoral, content and new business managing director of Grupo Lavinia.



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