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Friends on demand and other techy trips, on TV3.

The premiere of ‘No pot ser!‘ has achieved on its first broadcast a 13,5% of share in Catalan territory, with an average of 319.000 people in front of the TV. The show was seen at some point by 578.000 people.

The first episode of TV3's show produced by Lavinia Audiovisual, named "Friends on Demand", focuses on the value of friendship in the social media era. It reflects on the "digital posing" culture and how new technology creates new limits and conflicts. In order to find out more about all this, the host Jordi Basté travels to Japan to meet a company that carries out friends and family members rentals. He also travels to San Diego where he discovers how artificial intelligence allows us to keep forever a friend even if he or she has passed away.

On this first episode, Basté also discovers dating app with journalist Marita Alonso and the ethereal value that these add to affective relations. Professor and engineer Josep Maria Ganyet explains how to manage the "digital you", the one representing us online. In addition, actor David Verdaguer, psychologist Rafel Santandreu, social psychologist Dolors Reig and innovation expert Gerd Leonard show up in the episode.

You can watch the full episode online.

The next installment which will focus on the future of transport, will broadcast this Sunday at 22:35h.

'No Pot Ser!', premieres this Sunday on TV3

Jordi Basté explores the technological changes that are shaping our lives in a 13 episode show in which the "outstanding work carried out by the crew and the flawless visual quality" stand out. This is one of the ideas shared during the press conference that took place in order to introduce "No Pot Ser!" (produced by Lavinia Audiovisual for TV3) to the public. Rosa Olucha, the director, has defined it as a "debate generator similar to 'Black Mirror'" whilst Rubén Mayoral has described it as a "space to learn, find out and react".

The conclusions regarding the present and future of technology are left to be made by the audience. Coming up with a conclusion might not be the goal yet though but questioning several aspects, as Olucha says. As an alternative, learning is another option as well: "we've learnt to share. Future is meant to be shared", Basté states.

At the presentation that has taken place on March 14th at the Centre d'Innovació Urbana Ca l'Alier of Barcelona, several personalities took part (based on the picture): Vicent Sanchis, TV3's director; Cristina Trepat, TV3's executive director; Jordi Basté; Rosa Olucha, show's director; and Rubén Mayoral, Content chief of Grup Lavinia.

The show's social networks are already working at full speed. You can follow them at:

Lavinia Audiovisual for TV3

It's just a matter of a few days for 'No pot ser' to join TV3's prime-time slot.

On this Lavinia Audiovisual's show, journalist Jordi Basté, the host, will research on how technology, globalization and climate change transform our daily life.

The official presentation event of the show will take place on March 14th at 16h at Ca l'Alier, a culture house in Barcelona. The show will air on March 17th.

After three years and a half on air

It's time to say goodbye to one of Lavinia Audiovisual's flagship of these recent years: "Torres en la Cocina" will end its broadcast on March 1st after nearly four years on TVE's La 1.

In order to say goodbye to its audience, Friday's episode will host part of the show's crew as audience members. In addition, you'll be able to take a look "backstage" during the airing of the episode via streaming on Facebook Live, which will last longer than the broadcast itself, allowing the audience to experience the emotion of the farewell. Furthermore, as a closing element, a goodbye video will be broadcasted on Friday and it'll be uploaded on their social media afterwards.

The show has had a loyal audience that has been part of all this television journey. A total of 791 episodes and 400 broadcast hours during which 1.696 recipes have been cooked.

Apart from a few special episodes recorded in different parts of Spain, the majority of the episodes have been shot in Lavinia Audiovisual's stage at Pujades St., hence why we'll miss all the team.

Thanks you all and good luck!

Morning show by Lavinia Audiovisual

With the aim of getting to know better our peers, we'd like to introduce you to five members of the team behind 'El Matí À Punt', Lavinia Audiovisual's morning show for the Valencian broadcaster. They have opened the doors to their personal lives for us to know them a little better. In order of appearance in the picture:

Rosa Porta, reporter, tells us about her love for music and how she's played instruments since she was six years old: first as a saxophonist playing in her local band and afterwards as a singer in an orchestra for street parties. "During my free time I try to switch off from routine through music", she says. She also goes to the gym daily and since June 2017 she loves mounting biking, which she practices every time she is on holidays.

Clara Castelló, director & host, slows down her stressful routine with a good novel, "a suspense one if possible", she says. She also likes going to the cine and watch a film and makes her think. Another hobby of hers is cooking, especially cooking for others. She loves seeing the pleasure on her family's faces when they eat her speciality dishes: tapas, fish & salads. Although she hasn't done it in a while, she does grass hockey. She is part of the mom's team at Valencia's C.H. Xaloc. "Apart from the rivalry, doing hockey allows me to meet people, feel the rush of adrenaline and laugh a bit before, during & after the training sessions", she states.

Isabel Vidal, production assistant, tells us about her passion for lindy hop, which she shares with her husband. "Dancing all Monday nights truly gives us the energy to face the week ahead of us. It's a great "switching off" moment", she says. "It's a very inclusive dancing as you don't dance with the same partner all the time. It's a very spontaneous and cheerful dance in which everybody smiles while dancing. It fills you with positivity". In addition, her passion for dancing led her to a passion for swing.

Mathies Muñoz Ricart, co-host, is an active member of Valencia's University Choir, Spain's oldest choir founded in 1947. "Nearly 100 voices, music sheets in hand, giving voice to great music composers, local and international, from Matilde Salvador to Britten or Mozart", she says. This efforts shapes into a group of shows in auditoriums & Valencian "music palaces". "Who loves music, loves life. On this matter, I hope I never retire" she states.

Last but not least, Lluís Cascant, editor, he dedicates a big chunk of his free time to music: he's self-taught how to play the high saxophone, the clarinet, the guitar & the ukelele and he is a member of the Musical Union of Muro d'Alcoi, his village's band. They play at concerts but they also play on the streets during festivals such as Muslims and Christians, the falles or xarangues.

The series is already available on Playz.

More than 300 people came to premiere of Lavinia Audiovisual's 'Boca Norte'. The Verdi Cinema in Barcelona filled up with people who enjoyed four out of the six episode of the series, which is already fully available on RTVE's online platform Playz. Team & cast attended the premiere, including its protagonists David Solans (‘Merlí’, ‘El punto frío’), Guillermo Campra (‘Águila Roja’, ‘Bajo la red’) & Júlia Creus (‘Merlí’), among other. There were fans who came to support the actors as well as many familiar faces of show business, such as the Operación Triunfo contestants Alfred Garcia, Carlos Right, Joan Garrido & Miki Núñez, who has been recently chosen as Spain's 2019 Eurovision entry.

The series, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Lavinia Audiovisual for Playz, is already available online. It has been directed by Dani de la Orden (‘Barcelona, nit d’estiu’, ‘El mejor verano de mi vida’, ‘Élite’) & Elena Trapé (‘Blog’ y ‘Las distancias’, awarded best film at Malaga's Film Festival) with an original idea by Eva Mor.

After 791 shows & 1.696 recipes.

Lavinia Audiovisual's cooking show for RTVE's La 1 reaches its end next March and alongside with it, its shootings in our Pujades' stage after 260 shooting days for a total of 791 shows and 400 hours of broadcasting during which a total of 1.696 recipes have been cooked.

It's a total of three years and a half on air, filling daily TVE's La 1's noontime slot with a solid loyal audience who has accompanied the show during its broadcasting journey, which resulted in top share numbers of 11,8%.

A show by Lavinia Audiovisual for TV3

Tv3's new show produced by Lavinia Audiovisual has already a premiere date: March 3rd. Journalist Jordi Basté will be the show's presenter and he's travelled to cities all around the world like Tokyo, San Francisco, Manchester or Paris in order to find out how technology, globalization and climate change affect our day-to-day life. The team has been working really hard for weeks now at Lavinia's HQ on Pujades St. and it's about time you get to meet them.

In the picture (on their feet from left to right): Gemma Campderrós (production assistant), Juanlu Montoro (content editor), Txus Carretero (production assistant), Elena Parreño (content editor), Loli Sevillano (production manager), Ana García (postproduction coordinator),  Roger Llorens (graphic designer), Xavi Bergés (editor). At the bottom: Anna Pérez (content editor), Núria Font (content editor), Toni Noguera (content editor & social networks), Rosa Olucha (director), Uri Garcia (assistant director), de Yzaguirre (editor) y Adriana Sabata (guests coordinator). On the tablet's screen, Àlex Solà (content coordinator).

The rest of the team, despite not appearing in the picture, is formed by three people from Grupo Lavinia's Content Area: Rubén Mayoral, who will be the Executive Director of the show, Jordi Ferrerons, who will serve as the Executive Producer, and Cristina Vicente, who will also be a content coordinator. Production and photography will be carried out by Andalu Vila-San-Juan and Pep Bras will also be part of the content area.

A webseries produced for Playz by Lavinia Audiovisual

The time has come. ‘Boca Norte‘ will premiere soon and it will do so with no lack of luxuries in one of Barcelona's iconic screen rooms, the Verdi Cinema. It will take place next Wednesday 23rd of January at 20:00. All its protagonists will be there: Begoña Vargas (‘La otra mirada’), David Solans (‘Merlí’, ‘El punto frío’), Guillermo Campra (‘Águila Roja’, ‘Bajo la red’) & Júlia Creus (‘Merlí’), among others.

This webseries produced for Playz by Lavinia Audiovisual has been directed by Dani de la Orden (‘Barcelona, nit d’estiu’, ‘El mejor verano de mi vida’, ‘Élite’) & Elena Trapé (‘Blog’ y ‘Las distancias’, awarded 'Best Film' at Malaga's Film Festival) with an original idea by Eva Mor.

If you'd like to attend the premiere, there will be invitation tickets available at Barcelona's site of Spain's National Radio, in 127 Roc Boronat St on January 22nd from 10 to 14h and from 16 to 19h. In addition, you'll also be able to pick them up on January 23rd (same day as the premiere) from 10h to 14h.

The show will keep airing until next March and it is still being recorded at Lavinia's studio. 

'Torres en la cocina', the show produced by Lavinia Audiovisual says goodbye to TVE. Both chefs have made it public in an emotional note in which they assure that "for more than 3 years, through our show, we've shared unforgettable moments, great recipes and our «Torres Touch»”.

"After a crazy year", in which they've opened two restaurants, ALAS, at Barcelona's airport, and their most personal project, 'Cocina Hermanos Torres', with two Michelin star with just four months of life, "we feel it's time to take a break", they say.

"We need to focus in our gastronomic projects outside the TV world. «Torres en la cocina» has been an ongoing learning experience for us and a wonderful experience that we will never forget. We are really grateful to Lavinia & TVE for believing in us & for providing us with such a wonderful easygoing team". "It's not a goodbye to the media industry, it's a see you soon", they say.



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